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What does it mean? I've checked the literal meaning with Google:

dirty soul

I was looking for something more elegant, that shows its tone. Is it an idiom?

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Where did you hear it? Was it in a book, TV, song...? You could put the full sentence if you remember it. Usually it is useful to know the context if it is not an idiom. – JoulSauron Mar 3 '13 at 18:43
I saw it tattooed on someone's arm, hard to tell, thanks for responding Joul – mrtw Mar 3 '13 at 18:55

Never heard it before either, however depending on the context or the meaning you want I'd translate it as one of corrupt|corrupted|black|dark|nasty|impure|horrible|wicked|vile|lewd+soul

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It literally means "Dirty Soul". It's not a common phrase in Spanish, more like an attempt to coin a badass sounding term (i.e. "Thug Life", "Bad Boy", "Hell Raiser", etc). Never heard that phrase used in common life.

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I've never heard it before. Maybe a regional/slang term for something else? As far as I know, you're correct, "dirty soul" is the actual meaning.

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I'd say "cruel heart" or "evil" basically.

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