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Is there any software that I can use to find all forms of a Spanish verb, given one form of the verb? I know of an online tool called Whitaker's Words that does this for Latin verbs, but I haven't yet found an equivalent tool for Spanish verbs.

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You could try SpanishDict for a fun simple way of seeing verb conjugations. – sbswim Jun 2 at 17:12

Currently, the RAE dictionary finds any simple tense of any verb. Example: you write durmiéramos as the word to find, and it redirects you to the definition of dormir. From there you can click on the Conjugar button and you have every conjugation of that verb.

Note that this does not work if you write complex forms such as hubiéramos dormido. Instead, search for hubiéramos and you have the definition of haber and access to its conjugation.

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Whitaker's Words, has a problem most softwares for Spanish could also have: when it does not know an irregular conjugation, it just fills the blanks, accepting and producing non-existent forms. The difference with RAE's conjugation tool is that it is curated by the very authors of the single most important Spanish dictionary. I personally think you do not need to try a more or less known software provided there is something like this (of which, BTW, I have heard no negative comments so far). Regarding composite tenses, they are a no-brainer once you know simple forms and auxiliary verbs. – Rafael Jun 2 at 19:23

There actually is one website that I know of that can do this - see here:

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This website is an automatic conjugator for Spanish verbs. Hope it helps!

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As there are several similar websites for Spanish verbs conjugation, I'll try to make a list (included those already mentioned in the answers):

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