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There is a computer programming event next week, "Decoded Fashion". I had write (in Spanish) that I was going to this event.

I found two translations on Google translate: descodificar descifrar.

My impression is both are correct, but what are the differences in meaning?

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"descodificar" is correct, but I usually hear it without "s": "decodificar", which is also right – Dr. belisarius Jan 28 '13 at 4:07

'Descodificar' means 'decode', 'descifrar' means 'decipher'. The same differences, if any, that apply to English apply to Spanish. As this in an event name, I don't think you should translate it, but if you have to, the proper translation would be 'Moda Descodificada' (that, by the way, doesn't sounds very cool in Spanish).

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