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I am learning Spanish (Castellano) and want to expand my vocabulary.

There are many vocabulary trainers out there. But some do not come with predefined words and others contain them all. I want to learn basic words first. But not only a few words for vacation.

Is there any site or software that contains only basic vocabulary to train or where different levels of knowledge can be chosen?

I want to avoid wasting time learning words I never gonna need.

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Duolingo is an excellent and free tool to learn Spanish: http://duolingo.com/

It is also available as a free App for iPhone and iPod touch if you have any of those devices. https://itunes.apple.com/app/duolingo-learn-spanish-french/id570060128?mt=8

And to your concern, it does help a lot as it involves lot of different types of activities and reinforcements, all revolving around the most used Spanish words and phrases.

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I think the only way to acquire vocabulary is practice, practice and practice. Read stuff with a dictionary handy, this will give you the words that are actually used.

One easy way is to read comics. There are lots of great ones in Spanish, think "Mortadelo & Filemón" and the likes... They definitely use every day words that you are going to need.

Another way is listening to songs while reading the lyrics along. It worked for me, but the downside is songs contain poetry constructions or vocabulary that may sound awkward in normal conversations or when written in prose.

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It worked for me watching movies with subtitles while learning English. –  juergen d Jan 10 '13 at 16:36
+1, por alentar el uso de los cómics como forma de aprendizaje (MUY buena sugerencia), ¡y por la referencia a Mortadelo y Filemón ojalá pudiera +1000! –  Arkana Apr 26 '13 at 11:01
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One tool I use in learning foreign languages is the word list for Basic English.


Then I learn the translations of these basic words in my target language.

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