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In English, there are three conjunctions that are very similar:

  • although
  • even though
  • though

Is aunque the only possible translation of these to Spanish, or are there similar synonyms in Spanish as well?

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It's depends on the sentence but you can also translate them as:

  • si bien.
  • a pesar de (que)
  • pese a (que)
  • (más) bien
  • No obstante
  • Sin embargo

I'm probably forgetting some possibility. All of them can be usually used as synonims but not always all of them "sound" okay.

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Yes, there are, although (haha although ;) ) aunque is the one most commonly used and the one that usually springs to mind faster.

These are your options:


aún cuando

si bien

por más que

no obstante

sin embargo

aún si

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