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In the Spanish speaking country where you live or have been, up to what age/year level is it compulsory to study the Spanish language at school.

Where I live (English speaking country) it is compulsory to study English in High School until 6th form (year 12, when you are ~16-17 years old). So I wanted to know if it was the same or similar in a Spanish speaking country.

Please don't forget to mention what country you are from, thanks =)


The reason behind asking this question is because in my experiences in Argentina, the vast majority of students I talked with had a very good knowledge of the Spanish language. In contrast, if you found a student in their ultimate or penultimate year of high school where I live, and asked them what a noun/verb/adjective etc was, they would struggle to answer you.


Thanks for the comments, it seems like the average age that it is compulsory to study is about the same as in an English speaking country

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It is the same in most countries. I'm not sure if this is a list question or not. :) – Joze Jan 16 '12 at 6:53
In Peru, you take "spanish" during 8 years, from 6-13 years old (grammar, ortography). At 6 years old you learn to write and read, by I think any 7 years old knows what a verb, adjective and noun are. We learn also how to conjugate verbs as in Spain, funny (when I studied at least). In high school, you take additionally three years of "Spanish literature", from 14-16. It's sad people seems to forget everything while writing in internet or Facebook. – Ricardo Jan 16 '12 at 7:34
In Spain from 6 to 15-16 (obligatory education), but if you keep with Bachillerato then until 17-18 – Laura Jan 16 '12 at 12:21
Thanks, that's exactly what i wanted to know =) – Kage Jan 16 '12 at 18:46
Same here, at "estudios generales" (similar to "bachillerato") I had to take 9 credits in spanish (for a science major). This is after the obligatory education, the first two year of superior studies. – Ricardo Jan 16 '12 at 21:27
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In Chile you learn spanish from when you're 6 until you're 18. It varies from mostly orthography to vocabulary, grammar and literature. By the time you're 16 it is mostly just literature.

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