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There are many vulgar terms for excrement, but what are the non-vulgar, polite ones (used in medical settings, or with children, or among adults in polite conversation)?

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All of these terms are quite "polite":

  • Excremento
  • Heces (the singular is hez, but it's used in plural for this meaning)
  • Deposición (very formal, used by the medical profession)
  • Deyección (very formal, so much that some people wouldn't know its meaning; used by the medical profession)
  • Defecación (very formal, used in medical environments)
  • Materia fecal (very formal, used in clinical tests)
  • Caca (not so polite as the others, but probably the term used with children)
  • Popó (more childish even than caca, term used with children)
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+1 "defecación" is common for polite use (not very formal, just formal) but it's more used for the act than for the product. "excremento" is preferred. And "caca" is slightly childish/informal, but not vulgar. – leonbloy Jan 13 '12 at 20:42

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