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I know this is a slang expression from Central American people. I don't remember the context but it was something like:

Eres un cerote! (from a pretty angry girl)

I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean I'm a big zero, or does it?

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Do you remember where you heard this word? – Paul Jul 23 '12 at 17:17
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The Diccionario del Español de Nicaragua by Francisco Arellano Oviedo of the Academia Nicaragüense de la Lengua defines it as solid excrement, an incapable person, or a person of little social worth:

cerote. m. mals. Mierda sólida. Arturo come maduro, cerote duro. (dicho popular). || 2. desp. Persona incapaz. El que llegue por último es cerote de chancho. (Dicho popular usado por los niños.) || 3. desp. Persona de poca valía social. --Enrique, me alegra verte, cómo vas a creer que esos cerotes me hayan descuidado la yegua. J.E. Argüello, LHA. p. 146

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So I am a "Mierda sólida" :( – César Jan 10 '12 at 21:14
What was the remark *Cerote" or "Cerrote" – Fortunato Jan 10 '12 at 21:22

From the point of view of Mexican Spanish:

"Eres un cerote" does mean you're a big zero, a nothing or worthless.


"Eres un cerrote" means you are a big turd or crap.

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Cerote is the definition for a piece of shit, but if you are in Guatemala, for instance, Cerote could be in a friendly way to say that you did something wrong or impolite Ej. "Cerote, esa era mi cerveza" (Man, that was my beer). Also could be used for a greeting in a closer friendship "Que hay cerote??? como vas???" (what's up dude). if you want to denigrate someone "Ese Cerote es bien mula" (that guy is really dumb). Also, can be used to express your admiration to someone "Que Cerote pa' jugar fut" (you are so good in soccer)

But if and Unknown come to you saying that, well, nobody will do that. if they really want to say something mean to you, they will use some other words like "Cerote, hijo de la gran p...." ok that one doesn't need explanation.

I'm Guatemalan, and that word is part of my daily life vocabulary. and BTW we mostly all the time spell it like Serote!

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Although not a direct answer to your question, there is a popular mexican expression that includes "cero" in it.


Eres un cero a la izquierda.

Which means that you are worthless because zeros on the left, such as this example 01 = 1, don't count.

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A cerote is a pebble of shit, so only babies shit cerotes.

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Cerote es como decir:

You are a shit

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