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I have heard that confiar is a strong word, implying trust and confidence in someone or something. What then is the right way to translate more casual uses of the word "trust"?

For example, let's say a child tells you to close your eyes and open your mouth so he can feed you a piece of candy. A common response would be I don't trust you, which isn't meant in a serious way:

You're an untrustworthy person, so I refuse to do that.

but a lighthearted way:

You're trying to trick me so you can put something disgusting in my mouth, aren't you? Well I'm not going to let you trick me.

What's the right way to say I don't trust you in that sense?

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You could probably say something along the lines of:

No me fio de ti (I don't trust you)

A mi no me engañas (You won't trick me)

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